Skilled Recruiting in an Evolving Legal Landscape   

When your firm needs to fill an executive legal position, careful screening methods and proven recruiting strategies make your search more effective and efficient.

SearchTower specializes in:

Expert In-House Counsel Recruiting- The in-house counsel of any organization is an integral part of its success and profitability. It is a critical role to be filled by an individual that knows the legal landscape of that company’s specific area of business. SearchTower’s extensive network of experienced attorneys and legal professionals provide the highest quality candidates for your next in-house or general counsel.

Expert Compliance Executive Recruiting- Strong organizations know that compliance is a vital part of day-to-day function and overall success. SearchTower helps our clients invest in finding top notch candidates that can navigate today’s businesses through a constantly changing regulatory arena.

Expert Partner Recruiting- A partner is an equal. A partner is united with a person or organization with a common interest or goal. SearchTower can secure top legal talent to fill the partner opportunity at your business. Our recruiters have one goal in mind- to keep your business focused on its commitments to stakeholders while we find the partner candidates you need.

Expert Contract Attorney Recruiting- Especially in today’s volatile climate, crossing T’s and dotting I’s is more important than ever. You need an exceptional candidate in your executive contract attorney role. Let SearchTower’s insight into the legal arena match your opportunity with an insightful and educated contract attorney.

Expert Associate and General Counsel Recruiting- As your business expands, so do your legal needs. Rely on SearchTower to recruit with diligence to provide masterful candidate matches. We listen carefully to each client’s unique needs and goals. We screen our top candidates with purpose and proven techniques.


At SearchTower, your success is our success. Our experienced team won’t make promises we can’t deliver. For all of your legal recruiting needs, SearchTower is committed to deliver the best candidates. Retained or contingent, we have the flexibility and experience to meet your needs.