An Effective Step-by-Step Search Process

We customize our process for every search and follow a detailed series of specific steps. Our flexible approach starts with a focused search, but it does not end when we have found the perfect candidate. We consult continuously with your organization until the new executive is fully incorporated with your organization. We believe change happens with conversations, not presentations.

1. We Get to Know Your Organization

We take time to understand what’s really important to your company. Asking questions, we dig deep into your corporate philosophy and vision, and uncover the nuances that make your organization unique. We find out what traits an executive needs to succeed within your corporate culture. We recognize that this is not the time to rush into the process but to lay the groundwork for a long and successful partnership.

It starts with a focused assessment of your organization based on the following:

  • Company overview
  • Mission and values
  • Company culture and management style
  • Industry analysis
  • Competitor identification
  • Company differentiators

2. We Define the Position for Success

We approve a final job description for your executive opening, which focuses on key areas of responsibility and growth potential:

  • Requirements and expectations
  • Qualifications and skills
  • Salary and benefits overview
  • Travel or relocation requirements
  • Type of work environment

3. Source, Screen, and Select Qualified Candidates

  • Target the right talent for the search from our extensive database and network of contacts, utilizing a strong referral base, research capabilities and outreach opportunities
  • Engage with the highest-profile candidates and begin an initial interview process
  • Report results and progress to the client
  • Make necessary modifications to the position’s overall employment package

4. Narrow Down the Field and Schedule Final Interviews

  • Evaluate candidates for their skills and experience, and match their talents and characteristics to your organization’s corporate culture
  • Interview leading candidates
  • Complete and submit assessments and candidate profiles
  • Finalize references
  • Schedule interviews with company and candidates
  • Select candidates for a final round of interviews

5. Negotiate the Terms and Close the Deal

  • Select a candidate for final consideration, and then determine the selected candidate’s level of commitment and desire to fill the role
  • Offer your client the information needed to negotiate a successful offer, from the compensation package to the intangible benefits motivating the leading candidate
  • Review details of client’s offer as well as any counter offer made by a current employer

6. Solidify the Transition from Top Candidate to Successful New Executive

  • Facilitate ongoing communication with both the client and the successful candidate to ensure a smooth assimilation into the organization
  • Identify important internal relationships for the new executive
  • Review all objectives with the client to ensure that they were met
  • Resolve potential areas of conflict
  • Maintain relationship with the executive to assess long-term success