Letters of Recommendation

Over the years, through countless successful searches and transitions, we have been fortunate enough to receive many letters of recommendation and kind words of reference. Below are a few messages from the professionals we've worked with at SearchTower. Full references are available upon request.
I have had the pleasure of working with SearchTower and their affiliated staff for several years on our toughest to fill positions. I am consistently impressed with their team, their industry network, and their deep understanding of our business. They take the time to understand our needs and do a good job of screening out any candidates that may not be the right fit for the role, or more importantly, our culture. We have worked very hard to create an amazing work culture here, which starts with hiring great people, who also have to be nice. Sounds easy, but it can be challenging, which is what has made me appreciate working with SearchTower even more. They have taken the time to understand us and their candidates needs, hence providing a better experience for all involved.

I am happy to recommend SearchTower’s services to anyone looking to add a trusted partner that will work hard to find the best talent available.

– Recruiting Manager
Our firm has utilized SearchTower for several recent executive and manager talent searches. We have been pleased with the consistent effort made to 1) understand our firm’s needs and 2) find the right ‘fit’ for our organization. Watson and Don have taken the time to ask questions about the qualifies we are looking for and to thoroughly understand the job duties so that they can assess talent in the marketplace and funnel the right candidates to us for vetting. We have consistently received 3–5 quality candidates, directly from our financial services industry.

We have had several recent successes using SearchTower, including our EVP, Business Development, and Head of Technology roles. In addition, we have found that their input on job descriptions, titles and compensation have been helpful to us with hard to fill roles. We look forward to using them for our future talent search needs!

– President of a Mid-Atlantic-based Financial Services company
I have worked with Watson Straub and the SearchTower team for a few years now, and they work very hard to bring high-quality candidates to the conversation for consideration. Watson and his team have taken the time to understand my needs and have always been open to feedback when I felt like we needed to change strategies in a very tough labor market.

SearchTower was able to fill several key roles for me after I spent considerable time with other recruiting firms with poor results. Their ability to understand a client’s needs and use that knowledge to quickly fill roles would be a valuable asset to any hiring manager, which is why I am happy to recommend them.

– Executive Vice Persident, Chief Compliance Officer
Watson and the team at SearchTower have been extremely important strategic partners for our company. As we continue to grow organically and through acquisitions, SearchTower has taken the time to understand our specific in-market needs and created customized searches. Communication is clear and consistent, and SearchTower’s candidate engagement and management has been excellent. The team has brought us extremely high-quality talent, which has resulted in significant hires and greatly improved results in several of our key markets. We look forward to our continued partnership with SearchTower.

– Divisional Vice President, Fortune 100 Company
It is my pleasure to recommend SearchTower. Having been the head of an HR department for more than a decade, I was largely hesitant to use an executive search firm to enhance my team's recruiting capabilities, as I have an in-house recruiting function that does a fantastic job. However, upon identifying a particularly niche recruiting opportunity, I reached out to SearchTower and I’m glad I did. After they took the time to get to know our firm, not only did Watson and Don provide knowledge and insight into the marketplace, but they found candidates!

Since that initial project around five years ago, SearchTower has been an important asset to my company. They have partnered with us on a number of searches and placed great candidates. But that was an expectation. Their firm has exceed expectations as a trusted resource on industry practice, compensation, and negotiation, and I very much appreciate how they’ve really helped us keep projects moving forward.

I don’t hesitate to call SearchTower. Watson and Don work hard on our behalf. They are truly a partner to us and I recommend them highly.

– Chief Human Resources Officer